Handmade Marketing

I put as much attention and love into developing effective brand and marketing strategies as you do into your craft


Hephli Creative

Hephli Creative comes from the name, Hephaestus, the God of Craft. This Greek God was often seen as the God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges, carpentry and sculpture. Drawing inspiration from him, I want to help all artisans grow their businesses through digital marketing.

Hephli Creative is a team of one dedicated to delivering outstanding results combining creative ideas with vast experience. With social media, email campaigns, website optimization, graphic design, SEO and video (to name a few) I can help you build a sustainable and effective marketing strategy that help you reach your goals and gain your time back so you can focus on your craft.

I would love to work with any artisan, maker or craftsperson that is making amazing goods or selling directly to makers. I am looking for woodworkers, blacksmiths, potters, painters, cobblers, tool makers or retailers, leather workers, jewelers, glass blowers, sculptors, weavers, candle makers, seamstresses, paper artists, screen printers and anyone else who makes.

Austin Waldo

My name is Austin. I am a marketer by trade and a woodworker by heart. I have been woodworking for pretty much my entire life and in 2018 I started the Austin School of Furniture and Design to help carry on the art of furniture making. When it comes to marketing, I have worked for agencies and in-house marketing companies. I want to use my experiences from both woodworking and marketing to help those that make their living with their hands.

1000+ Products Sold

100+ Videos Made

10+ Clients Helped

10+ Websites Built

MY    V I S I O N

To help those that make, market themselves and their businesses so they can continue to create and craft

Passionate About My Clients

The digital marketing work speaks for itself. Hephli Creative delivers an outstanding service custom-tailored to each and every client — big or small.