A Beautiful Portfolio and More

Furniture Maker

Philip Morley Furniture is a one-man furniture studio operating out of Wimberley, Texas focused on producing unique modern furniture that will last lifetimes. Classically trained in England, Philip has tirelessly strived to reach mastery of his craft. Juggling a small business and a large family, Philip is determined to continue learning, teaching and innovating in furniture making.

Philip and I met in a woodworking class and we actually started our relationship off with marketing when I helped him fix his YouTube page. We worked together to create content that grew his channel from 200 to over 14,000

A new website for Philip came soon after the YouTube videos and eventually became a great revenue stream for him. A beautiful portfolio for commissioned worked and eCommerce store selling merchandise, plans and templates have all grown over the years to help Philip take his business to the next level.

Projects Completed for Philip Morley Furniture.

philip morley furniture